Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Another Great Car

Activity 1

You are required to set up a new blog. Using a blogging platform of your choice (examples are Blogger, Word Press, Posterous) set up a prototype blog of your own choice.  You should allow for all of the features you would normally see on a blog, such as:

Blog Header (you may use the normal header facility or create one yourself).

Post Area

Clear background and foreground design, using templates or HTML.

Appropriate Widgets

Select appropriate short pieces of work you have produced as the first posts on the blog. Create the posts, remembering to:

Wash your text through Notepad before you place it in your post

Use appropriate screenshots and images to enliven your post and to help in the communication of information you have chosen.

Keep your post simple and avoid jargon which is too technical!

Create screengrabs to show:

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